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Open transport


Our standard means of shipping vehicles via an open trailer which moves 8-10 cars on cross-country trips regularly. During the transport your vehicle is exposed to the elements such as rain, snow, and dirt. 80% of all automobiles we are responsible for shipping are transported on these open transport carriers.


Why choose open transport

Galaxy Auto Shipping, ships cars across the country daily. We provide Open Carrier Shipping to all 50 states whether you want to  avoid wear and tear, excess mileage, or the amount of time it will take to travel, Galaxy will ship it. Saving money and convenience are our other benefits when choosing us as your auto shipper. This is the most cost effective way to ship your vehicle. Whether your shipping your family van or your personal everyday vehicle,  this is the service for you. However if you're planning on shipping an exotic, classic, or any luxury vehicle, Galaxy Auto Shipping highly recommends that you protect your investment with our enclosed transport.


Galaxy Auto Shipping is staffed with a dedicated team to help with any questions and get you scheduled right away!

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