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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Does Auto Transport Cost?

  It depends. Auto transport services vary widely based on the route that your vehicle needs to travel on, where you are shipping from and to and what you are shipping. Fuel prices can also affect your overall transport cost. You should talk to a representative for a more specific breakdown of your specific transport costs.

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How Long is a Quote Good For?

 Typically any quote we give you will be good for two weeks from the date of the quote. As fuel prices change and carriers move from city to city, prices for transport go up and down. It's best to book relatively quickly after getting your quote to make sure you lock in the best price for your shipment.

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Can I Put Stuff In My Car?

 Different carriers have different rules regarding whether or not you can put stuff in your car. Typically the answer is no, considering carriers aren't licensed to carry household goods. However, many will tell you that you can have 50-100 pounds in the trunk of the vehicle, if there is one. Normally you cannot have anything in the cab of the vehicle whatsoever.

Q :
 Is Insurance Included in the Price?

   Yes. All carriers are required to have cargo insurance that covers all vehicles on their truck. This is required before they even pick a vehicle up, and we only work with carriers who have current insurance information.

How Long Does Transport Take?

Transporting a car will take time. It will take longer the further you are shipping your vehicle, but a good baseline is carriers can travel roughly 350-400 miles per day. Therefore a cross-country trip would take anywhere from 7-10 days, on average. Talk to your representative for more information about transit times.

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Do I need to be There When My Car Is Picked Up?

  You don't need to be there yourself, but someone over 18 years of age does. This can be a neighbor or a friend or relative. If you cannot find anyone, terminal-to-terminal shipping may be a good alternative.

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